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Project EindBot
Name EindBot
Start 2017/08/03
Contact [[Project contact::Gebruiker:User:]V[|User:]V[]]
Information De IRCbot in het #hackalot kanaal op freenode
Status Uitgefaseerd


Wat is een hackerspace zonder IRC-bot? (geef daar maar geen andwoord op :P)

EindBot is een op gozerbot gebaseerde IRCbot. Hij komt van [1]. De commando's zijn aan wijzigingen onderhevig, dus probeer het uit in een query met het commando:



Basic know your way around.

1) See what permission you have

 < dunk> !perms
 < gozerbot> USER .. ADMIN .. MAIL .. RSS .. EVAL .. VOTE .. FORGET .. ALIAS
           .. OPER .. QUOTE .. SENDRAW .. SAY

2) See what plugins are available

 < dunk> !list
 < gozerbot> loaded plugins: alarm alias all at autoreply autovoice away 
             backup birthday botsnack chanperm choice code collective 
             convert core count country debug dig dns event fleet gcollect 
             googletalk grab greeting grep hello hg idle ignore infoitem 
             install irc jabber job karma lag links lists log mail 
             mailexceptions markov misc nickcapture nickserv not ops pgp 
             popcon probe quote relay (+1)

if the response is longer than 375 characters the bot will cache the output and only show the first 2 lines of 375 chars. use !more to see the following lines.

 < dunk> !more
 < gozerbot> reload remind rest reverse rss search seen shop simplelog 
             size snarf tail tcp tell timer to todo topic udp umode 
             underauth update upgrade url user userstate webserver 

3) See what commands a plugin provides

An alias if it exists for a command is show in ()

 <@dunk> !commands todo
 < gozerbot> todo has the following commands: todo .. todo-chan (chantodo) 
             .. todo-chandone (chandone) .. todo-done (done) .. todo-get 
             .. todo-getprio (prio) .. todo-set .. todo-setprio (setprio) 
             .. todo-settime .. todo-time (tt) .. todo-today (today) .. 
             todo-tomorrow (tomorrow) .. todo-week

4) Get help on a plugin

The help command only shows the commands you can do in a plugin.

 < dunk> !help collective
 < gozerbot> plugin description: manage links to other bots .. to be
             accessible a bot needs to run the webserver
 < gozerbot> commands: coll .. coll-exec

5) Get help on a command

 < dunk> !help meet
 < gozerbot> meet is an alias for user-meet
 < gozerbot> user-meet <nick> .. introduce <nick> to the bot .. alias: 
             meet .. examples: user-meet dunker

6) Use apro to find commands

  < bart> !apro plug
  < gozerbot> commands matching plug: 1) plug-disable 2) plug-enable 3) 
              plug-upgrade 4) plugins

7) Use pipelines

 <@dunk> !list | count
 < gozerbot> 35

8) Use options

commands can have options, see the options <command> to see which are available

 < bart> !options weather
 < gozerbot> the following options are available for command weather:

--u --speed --filter --how --chan