Uit Hackalot - Hackerspace Eindhoven
Versie door Okabe (overleg | bijdragen) op 19 sep 2023 om 20:18 (Small correction)
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Naam hackermeetup Potluck
Start datum 21-09-2023 19:30
Locatie Von Flowtowlaan 1A, ingang Strausslaan (Bord 1A), Eindhoven

The thursday before the makerfaire there are already some (international) hackers coming by to talk about hacking and making (so basically it is like any other thursday, but less time spend on ordering food)

Let's have a informal potluck to meet some them, and show off the space, before the faire! I want to cook something, my guests want to cook somethings, lets make a potluck of it! Bringing food is not necessary, but there is some financial aid for this event, so reinforcements are possible if you bring something. And as it is informal, you are welcome to join!


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Boekenwuurm ik neem iets van eten mee
Michelle (neighbour) noodles
Mitch Altman
iron Big gummy taart (als ik genoeg tijd heb)
Okarin Vegetable Stir Fry
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