Crappy Robot Brawl

Uit Hackalot - Hackerspace Eindhoven
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Crappy Robot Brawl
Naam Crappy Robot Brawl
Start datum 22-12-2018 13:00
Locatie Bloemfonteinstraat 62, Eindhoven

Let's celebrate crappiness this Saturday and build crappy robots to fight other crappy robots.

In the style of the original HEBOCON. And we use their rules: [1]

  • Are you bad at creating robots?
  • Do you love every robot <3, no matter how poorly constructed they are?
  • Do you like seeing your own crappy robot fight an even crappier robot?

If you answered yes to at least one of the previous questions, then come to the Crappy Robot Brawl at the hackerspace and join us building shitty mechanical creatures.

If you're going to 35C3, this is an excellent opportunity to build a crappy robot to bring to the HEBOCON session.


  • 13:00 Space opens and we begin tinkering on bots
  • Around 18:00: We'll get food. Nothing planned yet.
  • After food: Try out the bots! & Battle time.

What do I bring??

Bring things you think you can repurpose as crappy robot. You can probably find some interesting parts around the hackerspace, but if you want to be sure, bring something.


  • CD-players (motors)
  • Broken printers (more motors)
  • Electronic toys (small RC cars, talking dolls, whatever)
  • Something with wheels

Please remember to take your leftover parts with you when you leave, or put it in your Samla if you're a deelnemer of the space.


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You can sign up by putting your name in the list here, or by sending an email to: bef0re [the @-sign]